The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts with You (Used Book) - Ryan Leak, Amanda Leak, Jodi Lipper

The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts with You (Used Book) - Ryan Leak, Amanda Leak, Jodi Lipper

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In what would become a viral video sensation with more than one million views, Ryan Leak documented the day he fulfilled his girlfriend’s dream to become engaged and married on the same day. Now the “Surprise Wedding” couple’s incredible 5-year journey to the altar is detailed in The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts with You (May 5, 2015, WaterBrook Press).

With a fresh perspective on dating relationships, the Leaks describe how years of intentionality led to that magical day. Yet their message goes far beyond their dream wedding. Their story is a challenge to single men and women and young married couples who long to build the kind of marriage they’ve dreamt of their entire lives.

“This book is full of stories from our dating relationship and some from our marriage, but this book isn’t really about us,” the Leaks explain. “It’s about you, the relationship you want, and the choices you can make to help you create one beautiful, unique and inspiring love story of your very own.”

In The One, the Leaks bring a modern vibe to age-old wisdom as they share practical ways to pursue purity, seek accountability, and navigate the Biblically prescribed roles of men and women. Their straightforward advice uses the truth of God’s Word to debunk cultural myths about love and encourages readers to develop a new approach to marriage preparation. They discuss topics such as:
• Embracing the season of singleness and making the most of its opportunities
• Healing from past hurts and becoming a whole person in Christ
• Laying the foundation for a healthy marriage built on agape love rather than romance
• Creating a vision of marriage as a ministry used to shine a light in a world of darkness

In intimate detail, the Leaks open their hearts to reveal the undeniable passion that fueled the success of their viral video. At their core, is a desire to reject the world’s definition of love and cling to God’s design for marriage.

The One is the essential pre-marital guide and an encouraging reminder that, “No matter what sort of relationships you’ve had in the past, God has a destiny, a plan, and a strategy for your life and relationships…and you can start writing a new story for your life today.”