Collagen (New Book) - Jessica Bippen, MS, RD

Collagen (New Book) - Jessica Bippen, MS, RD

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Collagen: Self-Care Secrets to Eat, Drink, and Glow

Jessica Bippen, registered dietitian and founder of the popular Nourished by Nutrition blog, offers a captivating introduction to dietary collagen supplements and how to use them for personal wellness. Gorgeously packaged, it’s perfect for the GOOP and Well+Good audience, for yourself, or as a gift.
Dietary collagen offers a unique blend of amino acids and other compounds that are essential for maintaining the structure and integrity of almost every part of the body and at every age. It can improve the health of our skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints, as well as our digestive and immune systems. Registered dietitian Jessica Bippen shares her knowledge of this protein and explains why the wellness community has embraced its benefits. She answers common questions on collagen loss and how to prevent it, choosing a supplement and incorporating it into your daily practice, as well as dosing. Jessica also provides a selection of delicious recipes for drinks and smoothies, small bites, entrées, and desserts that boost natural collagen production. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this authoritative guide suggests ideas that will enhance mind, body, and spirit.
Recipes include:
Golden Turmeric Latte * Reishi Hot Cacao * Balanced Blueberry Smoothie * Snickerdoodle Smoothie * Cashew Coconut Collagen Bites * No-Cheese Collagen Queso * Glow Bowl * Cookie Dough Freezer Fudge * Chocolate Avocado Pudding

A renowned practitioner of herbal medicine offers a beautiful introduction to adaptogenic herbs, explaining what they are, how they improve your life, and how you can use them for personal wellness.