Must Know High School Pre-Calculus (used book) - Christopher True

Must Know High School Pre-Calculus (used book) - Christopher True

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The new Must Know series is like a lightning bolt to the brain

Every school subject has must know ideas, or essential concepts, that lie behind it. This book will use that fact to help you learn in a unique way. Most study guides start a chapter with a set of goals, often leaving the starting point unclear. In Must Know High School Pre-calculus, however, each chapter will immediately introduce you to the must know idea, or ideas, that lie behind the new pre-calculus topic. As you learn these must know ideas, the book will show you how to apply that knowledge to solving pre-calculus problems.

Focused on the essential concepts of pre-calculus subjects, this accessible guide will help you develop a solid understanding of the subject quickly and painlessly. Clear explanations are accompanied by numerous examples and followed with more challenging aspects of pre-calculus. Practical exercises close each chapter and will instill you with confidence in your growing pre-calculus skills.

Must Know High School Pre-calculus features:

- Each chapter begins with the must know ideas behind the new topic
- Extensive examples illustrate these must know ideas
- Students learn how to apply this new knowledge to problem solving
- 250 practical review questions instill confidence
- IRL (In Real Life) sidebars present real-life examples of the subject at work in culture, science, and history
- Special BTW (By the Way) sidebars provide study tips, exceptions to the rule, and issues students should pay extra attention to
- Bonus app includes 100 flashcards to reinforce what students have learned