Windows 11 for Seniors (Used Book) - Allen Keen

Windows 11 for Seniors (Used Book) - Allen Keen

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Microsoft's vision for the future of personal computing is already available with Windows 11. This is a softer, more rounded Windows, one that prioritizes the Start menu while removing some of the cruft that crowded Windows 10.

However, while Windows 11 includes several pleasant enhancements, many are so minor that you're unlikely to discover them unless you're looking for them. Even those changes that do capture your notice β€” such as the newly centered Start button β€” seem to fade into the background with amazing rapidity.

However, this could be intentional. Microsoft is marketing Windows 11 as a more secure, performant operating system that is simple to use, with a welcoming interface that makes working and playing on your PC easier than ever. If the transition from Windows 8 to Windows 10 was a refinement, the transition to Windows 11 is a revolution.

And, because nearly every Windows 10 user who has a qualified system will be eligible for the free update, the only decision most of us will have to make is whether the redesigned look of Windows 11 is worth the effort of upgrading.

To assist you in making that choice, read our book: "Windows 11 for Seniors: 2021 Complete User Guide to Master Your Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System".

Our book will help you :
Install Windows 11
Make Windows 11 look like Windows 10
To make security and privacy settings
To customize you PC for your needs
Speed up your PC if your hardware too old