The Forbidden (Used Paperback) - Lori Holmes

The Forbidden (Used Paperback) - Lori Holmes

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The unforgettable story of one woman’s perilous journey to save, The Forbidden. Begin your epic adventure 40,000 years into our own dark and forgotten past with the complete Ancestors Saga series. Rebaa’s adopted tribe lies slaughtered behind her. Rebaa’s lover, Juran, lays down his life for hers and now she must use all of her cunning and extraordinary powers to survive the inhospitable wilderness alone, ensuring that Juran’s sacrifice was not in vain. But Rebaa’s battle for survival has only just begun... Hunted by savage predators and more terrifying still, the nightmarish Eldrax, a murderous chieftain who will stop at nothing to possess Rebaa’s mysterious powers for his own, her very existence becomes a life or death chase in the pursuit and quest to reach the one place that surely offers salvation and a safe haven she can call home. But what haven could possibly exist for one who bears... The Forbidden ? Will Rebaa find her salvation, or will crushing loss, hardship and the burden of carrying The Forbidden , first destroy her from the inside out? The Forbidden is the first book in The Ancestors Saga , taking you on a gripping, epic journey 40,000 years into our own dark and forgotten past.

As the world teeters on the brink of another glacial winter, homo sapiens are not the only human species to walk the Earth. When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for survivors will be Earth itself.

The Ancestors Saga #1