The Frankenstein Reader - Calvin Beck (Vintage Book, 1962)

The Frankenstein Reader - Calvin Beck (Vintage Book, 1962)

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Ballantine Books paperback, published in 1962.

The Middle Toe of The Right Foot by Ambrose Bierce
The Four-Fifteen Express by Amelia B. Edwards
Passeur by Robert W. Chambers
The Isle of Voices by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Ghost of Fear by H.G. Wells
The Trial For Murder by Charles Dickens
The Dead Valley by Ralph Adams Cram
The Thing In The Hall by E.F. Benson
A Pair of Hands by Arthur Quiller-Couch
The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton
On The Staircase by Katharine Fullerton Gerould

Condition: Vintage, used book in Good condition. Some light discoloration to first few pages.