The Sorority - Tamara Thorne

The Sorority - Tamara Thorne

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When Eve, Merilynn, and Samantha met at cheerleader camp at Greenbriar College years ago, they never expected to see one another again … but now they’re all pledging the same deadly sorority.

Beautiful, blond Eve is an award-winning cheerleader. Sweet, and innocent, she is joining Gamma Eta Pi because it’s the house for cheerleaders. Full of school spirit, she has no idea what pledging the sorority really means: blood sacrifice, sexual magic, and terror beyond anything she’s ever dreamed.

Samantha Penrose, once the tomboy of the trio, has grown into a no-nonsense journalism major whose curiosity and passion for the truth are likely to get her killed as she reconnects with Eve and Merilynn to investigate the sorority and the mysterious deaths of sisters who came before them.

Intuitive Merilynn has never forgotten the night at cheerleader camp when she, Eve, and Sam, took a rowboat out on Applehead Lake and saw the ghostly lights of a long-drowned town come to life beneath them. Nor has she forgotten the glowing eyes that followed her through the forest. Did they belong to the fabled Forest Knight of Greenbriar Wood? Or was it the ghost of murdered coed Holly Gayle? Merilynn won’t rest until she unravels these mysteries … even if it kills her.