365 Devotions To Embrace What Matters Most- John Michalak

365 Devotions To Embrace What Matters Most- John Michalak

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This daily devotional puts life into perspective, reminding you not to dwell on earthly matters of little importance, but to spend time each day connecting with God these are the moments that matter the most.

Time can get away from us. Sometimes time seems to go on forever when we feel like our work day will never end, the bus will never arrive, or standing in a seemingly endless line at the supermarket. But, the older we get, we realize that our minutes become hours, days become months, years become decades, and suddenly half of our life has passed by and we wonder where the time went, and more importantly, how we actually spent that time. Did we see the world and discover its wonders? Or did we waste it, moving from one favorite TV show to the next?

Well, the clock hasn't stopped yet. Pause for a moment each day and spend a little time reflecting on the things that matter. This 365-day devotional will help realign your priorities and focus your energy on what truly matters, your relationship with God and those you love.

Think deeply on what matters. And then take steps to live a life that matters. Because your life goes by in a blink, but what matters most eternity lasts forever.