A Cobblestone Island Christmas-Children of the Light#4 (Used Book) - Mary I. Schmal

A Cobblestone Island Christmas-Children of the Light#4 (Used Book) - Mary I. Schmal

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The Christmas of 1884 on Cobblestone Island is indeed memorable! All nine Children of the Light take part in a festive program that brings many surprises. A new auditorium is constructed on the island just for the big day. Glittering gifts are distributed to the nearly one hundred people who attend. Special creations that hang on one of the Christmas trees become surprise take-home gifts. However, disasters in rehearsals nearly cancel the event. Two trouble-making boys pulling pranks, costume and prop disasters, and animals on the stage create chaos beyond belief. Throughout the challenges, a wondrous occurrence takes place during the Christmas service that provides the greatest surprise of all!

Several unexplained mysteries develop as events unfold. A shadowy sighting from atop Cobblestone Lighthouse comes and goes upon the distant waters of the frozen lake. The children find something unusual tacked onto the dirt walls of a dark underground tunnel. A red garnet necklace, a ruby brooch, and a tourmaline ring remain missing. In the end, Madelaine's kindness and Gabriel's goodness, two Fruit of the Spirit, shine through the complications. This fourth book in the Children of the Light series will make readers smile. At times humorous, but at its heart and core respectful and reverent, the story encourages readers to reflect on what a Christ-centered Christmas celebration is all about.