A Head Above the Rest - Krista Kay

A Head Above the Rest - Krista Kay

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This book was written for the purpose of teaching any child how to embrace their differences and put up a shield against bullying. We all have something in common: we are all different. Instead of tearing others apart, the goal is to bring individuals together to celebrate all sizes, shapes, races, and genders.

The inspiration to help children overcome this was due to the author's own experience. Krista explained, "I realized that every one of us has insecurities and that’s one of the main things we all have in common. We are different! I knew I couldn’t control my height but I could control my perspective and whether or not I choose to love myself. I wanted to write this book for children because I feel learning to love yourself for exactly who you are is a necessary lesson to learn at a young age."

The one message to Krista's readers are; When people learn to love themselves, they can be a head above the rest no matter how tall they are.