Accepted! (Used Book) - Jamie Beaton

Accepted! (Used Book) - Jamie Beaton

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Told from the fresh and personal perspective of 26-year-old Crimson Education CEO and Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford graduate Jamie Beaton, Accepted! is an honest and practical guide on beating the odds and getting into Ivy League and other elite schools - the smart way.

Beaton takes you behind the doors of the world's top college admissions offices, revealing the highly strategic selection processes applied by institutions whose reputations depend on the number of students they admit, or more pointedly, the tens of thousands that they don't.

In Accepted!, Beaton delivers the ultimate insider how to and disrupts cliched admissions advice with savvy strategies like:

Moneyballing the university rankings and increasing your chances of admission Class spamming your way to academic supremacy and acceptance Playing the early application dating game and understanding how institutions are using it to their reputational advantage
Packed with real-life examples from the thousands of students Beaton has helped land a spot at Yale, Oxford, Stanford, and other esteemed global universities, Accepted! is a never-before assembled culmination of secrets, insights, and application strategies guaranteed to maximize your chances of getting in to the school of your choice.

From ambitious students and their supportive parents to academic advisors and admissions professionals, Accepted! is the must-read guide to demystifying the often-convoluted and increasingly competitive world of elite college admissions.