Against All Odds (Used Book) - Shannon Kerr

Against All Odds (Used Book) - Shannon Kerr

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On a sunny Monday morning, September 14, 2015, Shannon Kerr and her daughters never expected a trip to visit a puppy to turn into a nightmare. When their van collided with a semitruck, the odds of Shannon's recovery were all but hopeless.

Shannon's husband family were not willing to give up as you will read in this story of hope and healing. Against all odds--from the human perspective of medical professionals--Shannon recovered from the coma.

Through the prayers of countless individuals, Jesus reached out and restored her body. Shannon not only came out of the coma, but fought back and eventually came to the point where she can run again!

If you feel hopeless and think God doesn't care, read this book and let Shannon tell you just how much He does care for each of us!