All Other Sins - J.K. Ellem

All Other Sins - J.K. Ellem

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Sociopath, psychopath, narcissist? -- Diane Miller is having a rough time figuring out which one her husband is. So when the ordinary housewife from Nebraska, finds a bag of cash on the side of the road and has the chance to run, to flee, to leave her husband, her loveless marriage and her hopeless life behind, she takes it.

The problem is Diane's husband, Greg, isn't any of the things she thinks he is.
He is all three....

The people whose money she has taken want to find Diane too. Alex Romano is the Harvard educated, Consigliere of the Romano crime family from New Jersey. As her father's only daughter and most trusted advisor, she wields significant influence within the family hierarchy. But such influence doesn't extend to her older brother, Vincent Romano, the heir apparent, whose raw ambition and brutal methods Alex has trouble controlling. Thrown together, brother and sister are tasked with tracking down the missing money.

For Diane Miller to survive, she needs to become the person she knew she always could be, if given another chance--and if she can live long enough.

Two women. Two opposite backgrounds. One collision course.

All Other Sins, is the latest, "Up until 4:00 a.m., reading" thriller from Amazon #1 Bestselling Thriller Author, JK Ellem.

How fast can you run?