Attracting Birds to your Backyard (Used Hardcover) - Sally Roth

Attracting Birds to your Backyard (Used Hardcover) - Sally Roth

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Enjoy your home and garden as never before when you have a yard that's filled with colorful birds and bird songs as well as flowers. This A-to-Z guide includes:

Terrific tips and plans for building bird feeders, birdbaths, and birdhouses.

Recipes for making bird food that is sure to be a hit with your feathered friends--including Chickadee Doughnut Delights and Easy Bird Treat Mini-Muffins.

The 25 best plants to grow to attract birds to your yard--including columbine and honeysuckle, hummingbird favorites.

How to identify and attract goldfinches, chickadees, cardinals, and more than 50 other favorite birds to your yard. Plus, you'll learn what their songs and antics really mean.

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard, you are on your way to creating your own backyard bird sancturay today!