Unfriended - Joe Battaglia

Unfriended - Joe Battaglia

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We live in a hyperconnected world, and yet we’re more disconnected than ever. We spend more time scrolling through Instagram than we do talking with our families. We’ve never had more “friends”, but we have no one to meet for coffee.

Joe Battaglia understands that we are wired to have community, and that smartphones cannot meet our needs for love, acceptance, touch, and connection. In Unfriended, Battaglia uses research, personal insight, and biblical truths to help you:
leave behind the anonymity of the Internet and get face-to-face with people.
go beyond the “like” button and establish meaningful relationships.
get out from behind your screen and enjoy God’s creation.
avoid toxic social media debates and become a vehicle of change.

Unfriended will help you shake off your digital fatigue and get back to real-life, real-world relationships with real people.

Additional guest chapters by Iris C. O’Brien, Michael Guillen, Donna Rice Hughes, and Delilah.