Before The Rainbow Bridge (Used Book) - Tom Gunlicks

Before The Rainbow Bridge (Used Book) - Tom Gunlicks

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I first met Tom Gunlicks in 1974 when I was a freshman in college at Augustana University (often referred to as Augie and which was then known as Augustana College). I was a freshman living off-campus so between classes I studied in the lounge at the Augie Commons. Tom was a junior or senior at Augustana, and he was living off-campus as well so he came into the lounge to study between classes. I was sitting in the lounge one day early in my first semester preparing for my 1:00 pm freshman composition class when I first met Tom. He walked into the lounge, saw me, and immediately came up and introduced himself. Tom has written and excellent book on dog behavior. Tom Gunlicks is a great person, a great husband, and a great father. He cares about people, and he cares about dogs. Tom shares his personal journey in becoming a dog behaviorist as well as his professional journey in working with over 2,500 dogs. The stories are both touching and meaningful to anyone who loves dogs.