Being Boss (Used Book) - Emily Thompson

Being Boss (Used Book) - Emily Thompson

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From the creators of the hit podcast comes an interactive self-help guide for creative entrepreneurs, where they share their best tools and tactics on "being boss" in both business and life.

Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are self-proclaimed "business besties" and hosts of the top-ranked podcast Being Boss, where they talk shop and share their combined expertise with other creative entrepreneurs. Now they take the best of their from-the-trenches advice, and give you targeted, actionable guidance on:

Cultivating the Boss Mindset: weed out the distractions and get focused on what you want
Mastering Boss habits and routines: including a "magical" way of mapping out your goals for amazing results

How to stop freaking out about money and sell yourself (without shame)
Living the Boss Life (it's not all about work!)
Being Boss gives you both hard-hitting business advice along with inspiring lessons on self-care and finding balance. With worksheets, checklists, and other real tools for achieving success, here's a guide that will truly help you "be boss" not only at growing your business, but in every aspect of your life.