Black Amber (Used Hardcover) - Phyllis A. Whitney (1st Edition, Vintage, 1964)

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Vintage book from 1964, 1st Edition.

When Anabel Radburn placed a desperate overseas phone call to her sister Tracy saying she was in great danger, Tracy chalked it up to Anabel's dramatic flair. Until the next day when Anabel's body is pulled from the Bosporus in Istanbul. Racked with guilt for not responding immediately, Tracy travels to Turkey where she keeps her identity secret while trying to piece together the broken threads of Anabel's life.
Despite what Anabel's husband says, Tracy is convinced that her sister did not commit suicide. As she searches for clues in Anabel's waterfront villa, Tracy finds mystery and danger around every corner. Alone in a far-off country, Tracy must act quickly if she wants to live long enough to avenge Anabel's death.

Condition: Used book in very good condition. Some wear on corners and name inscription inside.