Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone (Used Book) - Lori Howe

Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone (Used Book) - Lori Howe

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Wyoming is the least-populated state in America, and it is filled with long, silent stretches of prairie, mountains that see snowfall every month of the year, and a red desert filled with sand dunes and the fossilized past. It is perhaps this vastness and isolation which urge us to stop and contemplate our place in this landscape--and what we have to offer to its care.

While Wyoming's greatest populations--the four-legged, finned, and winged--do not speak human languages, a deep and intensely felt kinship runs through these poems and stories from writers across the state. The pieces in this anthology relate what it is like to live at the intersection between human lives and needs, and the environment of the high plains and the mountains--to mingle our ephemeral blood with the shaping forces of water, wind, and stone.