Bossy Flossie Biz Whiz (Used Paperback) - Sheila Greenwald

Bossy Flossie Biz Whiz (Used Paperback) - Sheila Greenwald

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For fans of Princess Posey and Dory Fantasmagory, this story--with plenty of pictures and a loveable, relatable cast of characters--will be a perfect bridge to take them from picture books to their first chapter books.

Everyone tells Flossie that she is bossy--which is true, but she doesn't know why they say it like it's a bad thing. Unfortunately, her reputation makes it hard for her to find a partner for the new class project. But then Flossie gets an idea that makes her tingle and glow from head to toe! She'll partner with the new kid, Billy, teach him how to fit in, and find a way to make her new business work. All it takes is a few great ideas!