The Debt: Bring Back Cerberus (Used Book) - Phillip Gwynne

The Debt: Bring Back Cerberus (Used Book) - Phillip Gwynne

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Fifteen-year-old Dom is cast out of his comfortable life in the Gold Coast's Halcyon Grove when he inherits an ancient debt. Now, he has six Herculean tasks to perform...or lose a pound of flesh. Each book, each adventure, brings Dom more than the challenge of a lifetime. And with each book, more about the truth of the debt itself unfolds. Dom is drawn further and further into his murky family history, and the criminal world that lies beneath the Gold Coast's glitzy façade. Ultimately it is up to Dom to figure out The Debt's master plan, and extinguish The Debt once and for all. Installment Three: Bring Back Cerberus The third demand: bring back Cerberus, the new generation technology that's only whispered about in the furthest reaches of cyberspace. 

The Debt Installment #3