Busting Bad Guys (Used Book) - Mark Langan

Busting Bad Guys (Used Book) - Mark Langan

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13 seconds of pure terror in a shootout with a drug dealer... Real crime. Real-life cop stories.
Sergeant Mark Langan relives his front-row seat working the seamier side of crime during his decorated twenty-six-year career from youngest rookie in 1978 to narcotics sergeant on the Omaha Police force.
Langan caught bold burglars who silently entered homes to get thrills off of touching sleeping victims. He hit bookie joints in smoke-filled bars, squeezed snitches for information, and arrested prostitutes and their everyday "Johns" in dangerous downtown alleys.
Langan worked his way up the ranks to command undercover narcotics operations in the 1980s when sinister LA gangbangers invaded Omaha and claimed neighborhoods to sell crack.
In his celebrated career, Langan felt the gut-wrenching pain of innocent children caught inside the wicked world of drugs and crime, their "safe" worlds shattered when the battering ram knocked down their doors-their cries haunt him every day. And two players from his past reemerge in startling ways.
Busting Bad Guys delivers a graphic and authentic look at solid policing on the streets of America's heartland and takes readers inside the high-adrenaline, top-secret investigations to develop innovative tactics to outsmart the criminals.
Steven Eskew, book reviewer and writer in New York City, says "Langan relates his many adventures with meat and potatoes precision, illustrating a cop's life with detailed imagery but without sensationalizing the excitement. He balances his memoir by sharing his years-later encounter with "One-Eyed Jack's" daughter, (the drug dealer that was killed during a shoot out at the beginning of the book), and an update on a childhood playmate who had descended into prostitution. The book's sheer readability and intriguing subject matter makes you sorry to find yourself on the final page."