Clean Protein - Kathy Freston & Bruce Friedrich

Clean Protein - Kathy Freston & Bruce Friedrich

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In Kathy's own words: "This book is not about how to eat less protein, because protein is not actually the culprit-the culprit is animal protein. So this book is about how to eat better protein... Some protein you can eat to your heart's content and your body will remain happy-this is what we refer to as clean protein. Other forms of protein are fine in small amounts but can cause serious disease when consumed regularly-we call this dirty protein."

Do vegans get enough protein? Is it safe for people on Paleo diets to eat so much meat? How much protein do people really need to be healthy? The debate rages on about how much protein is optimal, but one thing is clear: too much meat can be deadly, and the current methods of cultivating protein are killing our environment.

In THE CLEAN PROTEIN REVOLUTION, Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich (Executive Director of the Good Food Institute) address how to know how much protein is right for your body, and offer delicious recipes and meal plans to help you incorporate healthy protein into your diet. Along the way they describe how new sources of clean protein (i.e. protein that doesn't require animal agriculture) can be sustainably produced, and include fascinating interviews and information from game-changing academics and entrepreneurs who are poised to revolutionize the food supply and the economics of agriculture world-wide.

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