Cloisonne:  It Was Never About the Jewels (Used Book) - Patricia Steele

Cloisonne: It Was Never About the Jewels (Used Book) - Patricia Steele

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Ashton Mahone is gobsmacked when his mothers tells him a fifty-year old secret on her death bed. Her illness has brought him from the edges of war as a journalist and he pledges to find the stranger who is his father. Not realizing he held a fortune, he shows it to his art gallery friend, who shares it with others. Within a short time, Ash is fighting for his life and running to get answers. . When he realizes they've followed him, he must trust a stranger who has secrets of her own. Dodging the thugs from San Francisco, he jumps on a cruise ship in a roundabout journey to Paris and soon finds his mother's secret involves more people than he could have imagined.

Rina Silvan is trying to open a new chapter in her life, cruising to Mexico after a near-death experience. When she's betrayed by the two people closest to her, she fights demons of her own. Facing her own challenges, she stubbornly vows to slug through them on her own and doesn't need anyone to help her.

Pushed and pulled with romance and excitement, Rina helps Ash realize that it was never about the jewels. They both have sibling troubles and in the mix of events which seem totally out of their control, two old people slip into the cracks between them.