Close Up Photography in Nature (Used Book) - Tim Fitzharris

Close Up Photography in Nature (Used Book) - Tim Fitzharris

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Revised and updated to include digital photography techniques.

In Close-Up Photography in Nature, master photographer Tim Fitzharris shares his proven techniques for capturing once-in-a-lifetime images. This inspiring reference is perfect for both amateur and professionals who want to improve the quality and beauty of their work.

Photographic equipment for close-up photography is thoroughly covered:

Traditional and digital cameras Lenses, filters and specialized close-up accessories Flashes, reflectors and tripods Digital imaging software such as PhotoShop. Fitzharris covers a wide variety of field techniques ranging from close-up focusing and exposure tips to choosing the best lens. Technical aspects of close-up photography are covered in easy-to-understand terms.

The creative side of close-up photography is also explained in detail, including useful tips for discovering and capturing artistic insights, along with color, composition, lighting, themes, center of interest, artistic ethics and digital imaging.

The final chapter covers the practical aspects of photographing wildlife with a special section on how to anticipate and set up where wildlife is likely to be found. Specific instructions are given for photographing creatures from spiders and insects to frogs and toads, snakes, turtles and hummingbirds.

Close-Up Photography in Nature is an inspiring, practical guide for photographers who want to capture nature in all its glory.