X-Factor Bundle #2, Vol. 6-11 - Peter David

X-Factor Bundle #2, Vol. 6-11 - Peter David

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X-Factor is in pursuit of Darwin, whose father is looking for him. She-Hulk and Jazinda are in pursuit of Longshot, who may hold the key to defeating the Skrull invasion. With Darwin and Longshot on the run, neither of them wanting to be found, you'd just assume that X-Factor and She-Hulk will work together smoothly to accomplish both their goals.

This group of six collected editions include: 

Vol. 6, Secret Invasion (Paperback)

Vol. 7, Time and a Half (Paperback)

Vol. 8, Overtime (hard to find Paperback)

Vol. 9, Invisible Woman Has Vanished (hard to find Paperback)

Vol. 10, Second Coming (Paperback)

Vol. 11, Happenings in Vegas (Hardcover) 

Condition: Like New