X-Factor Bundle #3, Vol. 12-17 - Peter David

X-Factor Bundle #3, Vol. 12-17 - Peter David

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X-Factor has returned from Las Vegas and is ready for business as usual. And for the world's premier mutant detective agency, business as usual is anything but usual! A trio of lovely but lethal lasses has its sights on arguably the biggest target in New York City, with inarguably its biggest mouth: Mayor J. Jonah Jameson! To solve this caper, X-Factor will need every bit of luck it can get--so whose side is the Black Cat on? Meanwhile, Darwin hits the road for parts unknown and runs afoul of a mystical gunslinger, a case involving a vampire gets X-Factor a little bloody, and did Jamie really ask Layla to marry him? Plus: new developments in the love triangle/baby-daddy drama between Rictor, Shatterstar and sweet little Rahne Sinclair. If the secrets Shatterstar learned in Vegas come out, then who knows how Rahne will react!

This group of six paperback collected editions include: 

Vol. 12, Scar Tissue

Vol. 13, Hard Labor

Vol. 14, Super Unnatural (hard to find)

Vol. 15, They Keep Killing Madrox

Vol. 16, Together Again for the First Time 

Vol. 17, The Road to Redemption (hard to find)

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