Dear Donald: Letters From Argo (Used Book) - Lars G. Kindem

Dear Donald: Letters From Argo (Used Book) - Lars G. Kindem

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"Dear Donald: Letters from Argo" is a collection of autobiographical letters from a master storyteller addressed to a close Fubar friend about their shared memories growing up in the 1940s and '50s below "The Hill" at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Lars Kindem ("Argo") was born and raised in Northfield and in the mid-'50s mobilized a group of stalwart and fiercely independent St. Olaf mavericks called "Fubar." The Argo letters are addressed to fellow Fubar Donald Clark, nicknamed "Hobo" by Argo because he was truly a man of the road. Hobo's friends rarely knew where he was in his travels or when he might surface, but he always did. Reunions were always memorable. Throughout their lives, Argo and Hobo loved to reminisce about their formative years growing up below "The Hill" at St. Olaf, the school Argo fondly called the "Popstand." Argo's letters are filled with provocative miscellany, stories of rich and adventurous existential life growing up in small-town Minnesota, mid-20th century America. With a touch of Mark Twain and Will Rogers, Argo's letters reveal a passion for eccentric action, embracing the existential and absurd while transcending traditional human behavior in a constant search for meaning, truth, validity, new adventure, and the ridiculous. Argo's Fubar friends loved his ready wit and constant humor over the course of their lifetimes, well captured in "Dear Donald: Letters from Argo."