Delilah (Used Book) - Marcus Goodrich

Delilah (Used Book) - Marcus Goodrich

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Delilah is an old four-piper destroyer whose regular beat is one of the world's most exotic --- and dangerous --- bodies of water: the Sulu Sea. Set at the beginning of the American Century just before the First World War, the ship patrols the violent racial and religious tensions that threaten to break America's tenuous group on the Philippines, and on its identity as a colonial power. In a series of exquisitely-drawn stories, Marcus Goodrich reveals tantalizing glimpses of the heart of each sailor as the crew puts down Philippine insurrections, searches for a gunrunner's cave told of only in island folklore, and delivers medicine to western mercenaries.

Here is the return of one of the 20th century's most important and widely translated novels of the sea. It is a boon for lovers of sea yarns and a must-read for any serious student of American literature.