Desolate Paths - Erin Unger

Desolate Paths - Erin Unger

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Brooke Hollen’s hurtful past is threatening to swallow her. When rehab is her only chance at redemption, she runs straight to it. But she finds more than a twelve-step-plan. Residents begin to disappear. Is there a killer at the center or are some residents just dropping out?

Kyle Reston, a rehab resident, is halfway through his battle with the darkness of addiction. He wants to help Brooke, but would it be a mistake to trust him? His penchant for breaking the rules is a sign that things aren’t safe with him. Yet forbidden love calls Brooke with a whisper she can’t ignore.

How will Brooke turn to God—who she once believed to be a myth—when Kyle becomes a suspect? Is she in love with a killer?