Dilbert Gives You The Business - Scott Adams

Dilbert Gives You The Business - Scott Adams

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Everyone who reads Dilbert and works in an office will appreciate this newest collection, Dilbert Gives You the Business. Creator Scott Adams tells it like it is through the insane business world inhabited by Dilbert. If frustration and lunacy are an inevitable part of your workday, appropriate measures must be taken immediately.

After 10 years of syndication, Dilbert is universally recognized as the definitive source of office humor. What makes this 14th Dilbert book so unique is that it is a collection of the most popular strips requested by fans for reprints and downloads from Dilbert.com gathered together for the first time. Arranged by topics for quick reference, this hilarious book is the comprehensive Dilbert source book, sure to alleviate work burnout. Fans will find all their favorite characters packed within these colorful pages, including Dilbert, as he encounters daily issues from delegating to decision-making, trade shows to telecommuting, and downsizing to annoying coworkers.

It's business as usual for the Dilbert clan...Dilbert is continually updating his resume, Dogbert continues his pursuit of world domination, Wally strives to do the least amount of work possible, and Alice is eternally frustrated by the Boss. Welcome to the all-too-familiar world of Dilbert--the lowly engineer who has become an icon for oppressed and burnt-out workers everywhere! The most popular business-oriented cartoon in the worked, Dilbert Speaks to millions of fans who toil in the corporate trenches. No matter how outrageous a tale he spins, Dilbert creator Scott Adams inserts sufficient nuggets of truth in every strip to keep his believers laughing. In part, that's because Dilbert is based on his own former corporate experiences--and is kept current by culling inspiration from the 350-plus e-mails he receives each day.