Dresden: Tuesday, February 13, 1945 (Used Book) - Frederick Taylor

Dresden: Tuesday, February 13, 1945 (Used Book) - Frederick Taylor

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“A picture markedly different from conventional accounts.” --New York Times Book Review

The dramatic and controversial account that completely re-examines the Allied attack on Dresden

For decades it has been assumed that the Allied bombing of Dresden was militarily unjustifiable, an act of rage and retribution for Germany’s ceaseless bombing of London and other parts of England.

In Dresden, Frederick Taylor’s groundbreaking research offers a completely new examination of the facts, and reveals that Dresden was a highly-militarized city actively involved in the production of military armaments and communications concealed beneath the cultural elegance for which the city was famous. Incorporating first-hand accounts, contemporaneous press material and memoirs, and never-before-seen government records, Taylor documents unequivocally the very real military threat Dresden posed, and thus altering forever our view of that attack.