Easy Day for the Dead (Used Book) - Howard Wasdin & Stephen Templin

Easy Day for the Dead (Used Book) - Howard Wasdin & Stephen Templin

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From the authors of the New York Times bestselling SEAL Team Six, which “is as visceral and active as a Tom Clancy novel” (The New York Times), comes a fiercely intense novel featuring the elite military operations of the Outcasts as they take on Iran.

In this second installment in the series, travel the globe with the Outcasts as they take on those who threaten their country's security—but once again all they have is each other, with no support from the US government. This time, the Outcasts’s focus is Iran. The Iranian government has secretly been building biological weapons in case their nuclear weapons program does not pan out. Just as the Outcasts destroy a biological weapons plant in Iran and are about to assassinate its lead scientist, she tells them that in another country Iran has set up a satellite lab that is close to weaponizing a deadly virus. The scientist will only reveal its location if the Outcasts can rescue her husband from a secret detention facility where he’s been kept to ensure her continued work. The team’s status: expendable.