Emergence: Rivets of Resistance (Used Paperback) - Matthew David Schultz

Emergence: Rivets of Resistance (Used Paperback) - Matthew David Schultz

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Armageddon has come and gone, thanks to a mysterious invading force from beyond the stars. With 80 percent of humanity reduced to dust, the occupying aliens have had no trouble stamping out any resistance and preventing attempts to invigorate society…until now.

Lukas Cain, a seemingly normal young man with an abnormal mutation, watched his family, friends, and everything he held dear get taken from him at the hands of the ruthless alien threat bringing nuclear apocalypse to planet Earth. With nothing left to lose, he joins the North American Defense Force and volunteers for the top secret Temporal Augmentation Regiment to enact his vengeance and help keep the jaws of extinction at bay. Through arduous trials in a simulated training environment, he becomes a living weapon, perfecting his combat skills and dispatching his foes with cold efficiency. But none of this will bring his family back.

Filled with action, explosions, sarcasm, teenage love, and underground mobile cities, this novel takes readers on a journey with Lukas through a mind-bending quest of torturous loss, grisly victory, and a whole lot of emotional trauma that could end up in him losing grip of his own humanity