Fatal Feast - Jay Ruud

Fatal Feast - Jay Ruud

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When an Irish knight dies mysteriously at a banquet she is hosting‚ Queen Guenivere is charged with murder and faces death at the stake if found guilty. Her loyal page‚ Gildas‚ rushes to the woods to track down Merlin and convince him to take up the investigation and save the queen.

Fatal Feast is a fast-paced murder mystery set in the legendary court of Camelot‚ imagined as it might have existed in the high Middle Ages‚ with Sir Gawain‚ Sir Gareth‚ and Sir Lancelot in pivotal roles‚ and the young Gildas‚ enamored of the queen's young lady-in-waiting Rosemounde‚ an unlikely courtly lover focused on saving the queen and impressing his Rosemounde—not necessarily in that order.