Flat Water Tuesday - Ron Irwin

Flat Water Tuesday - Ron Irwin

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A stunning saga of love, sport and buried secrets. Rob Carrey is a successful documentary filmmaker who has returned from a shoot, to New York City, where he is prepared to separate from Carolyn, his long-time love. But when he finds an invitation to his boarding school reunion in his pile of mail, Rob begins a painful journey to his past--one that will alter the course of his life forever. Years ago, Rob was a scholarship student at the elite Fenton School, where he became a star member of the rowing team. Generations of Fenton men had led the rowing team, know as the God Four, to victory--and Rob would be no exception. But, as the team's most important race drew near, and tempers and lust reached the boiling point, Rob found himself in a dilemma: If he sacrifices everything to win he stands to lose everything that matters. Which is the right path--and where will it lead him and the ones he loves? That is the question at the heart of Ron Erwin;Flat Water Tuesday, a deeply affecting novel about what it means to fight for love and victory, in sport and in life.