France In The Nineteenth Century (1892) - Elizabeth Latimer

France In The Nineteenth Century (1892) - Elizabeth Latimer

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Elizabeth Latimer’s France in the Nineteenth Century is a comprehensive examination of France that covers the years 1830-1890, from the immediate aftermath of the Napoleonic Era to the results of the Franco-Prussian War. As she explained in a companion work about England in the 19th century:

“In respect to my “France in the Nineteenth Century,” and “Russia and Turkey” in the same period, I have sometimes been reminded by reviewers—most kind to the books, however, as readable, amusing, and instructive—that I was not an historian working up new material for a definite result.

I readily accept this opinion; I have no desire to arrogate to myself the high title of an historian, though, to a certain extent, all history must be compilation. My aim has been to throw flashes of light on events which during my lifetime have interested the public; to amuse, and now and then instruct, the “general reader.” Had I called my work “Historical Gossip,” as I at first intended, my aim and scope in writing it might have been better understood.

Throughout “France in the Nineteenth Century” there are many little personal reminiscences of my life in Paris from 1839 to 1842, and again in 1847 and 1848. I disguised these in the third person, not wishing to thrust my personality upon my readers. In the present volume I have done otherwise, and have made use of family and personal reminiscences as far as they would serve.”

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