Voyagers: Game of Flames (Used Book) - Robin Wasserman

Voyagers: Game of Flames (Used Book) - Robin Wasserman

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Earth is in danger! The only thing that can save our planet are six essential elements that fuse into a new source of clean energy. But the elements are scattered throughout the galaxy. It is up to the Voyagers—a team of four remarkable kids (plus one stowaway) —to gather them all and return to Earth.

Failure is not an option. The Alpha team has been chosen, and they’ve already snagged the first element on planet J-16. The second is hidden on Meta Prime, a planet filled with metal mazes, catapults of fire, and warring alien robots. But what our Voyagers don’t know is that another ship carrying the Omega team is following hot on their trail. . . .

Voyagers #2

Hardcover (Like new)