Georgie, All Along (Used Hardcover) - Kate Clayborn

Georgie, All Along (Used Hardcover) - Kate Clayborn

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With writing Jasmine Guillory has described as “emotional and real,” the acclaimed author of Love Lettering and Love at First weaves stories both transporting and relatable – modern love stories that readers immediately identify with and take to heart. Wise and witty, threaded through with a complex, emotionally fulfilling romance, Kate Clayborn’s glowing new novel echoes with timely questions about love, friendship, career, family, and finding your way.

Sometimes the hopes, dreams—and stories—of our past can shape our future selves in the most powerful and unexpected ways…

Georgie Mulcahy has returned home from L.A. with her career in flux and her future a disconcertingly blank page. Her once slightly shabby Virginia town has transformed itself in recent years, but some things remain the same—like her wonderful but absent-minded parents forgetting to mention that they’d already offered up their empty house to someone else. When Georgie rediscovers a “friendfic” diary she wrote in high school, filled with the possible lives she imagined for herself, she wonders if it’s time she did some transforming of her own…

Much to her embarrassment, many of the fantastic adventures Georgie once envisioned for Future Georgie revolved around her high school crush—the golden boy younger brother of her current roommate—the town misfit. Yet beyond briefly wondering what happened between them, Georgie finds herself wondering what happened to herself. The Georgie who wrote those pages was daring, confident, eager to grasp opportunities with both hands. Is it too late to become that girl again? To find out, Georgie just might have to pick herself up, dust off some of those teenage ambitions, and see what they spark…