Hand Of God - Philip Kerr

Hand Of God - Philip Kerr

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City players know they aren't well-liked in Greece, but they never expected to face death on the football pitch.

Scott Manson and London City are in Athens battling for the UEFA Champion's League title. The situation in Athens is tense, and some of City's players are so unpopular in Greece they've been assigned bodyguards.

Karaiskakis Stadium is packed to the rafters when tragedy strikes. Christoph Bundchen collapses and dies mid-match. Is it a heart attack? Or something more sinister? The team have a crucial match in England - but they can't go home until the investigation is complete. The Greek authorities are dragging their heels... Can Scott Manson find the truth and get the team home in time?

The second Scott Manson thriller from bestselling crimewriter Philip Kerr.