How Fargo of You (Used Book) Mark de Celle

How Fargo of You (Used Book) Mark de Celle

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You re new to North Dakota and hire a carpenter you just met to install a doggie door. He does an exceptional job. What should you say when he insists It s a housewarming gift, and refuses to let you pay him?How Fargo of You.You're eating a great home style meal in a small North Dakota cafe with your son. But when you go to pay the bill, the waitress tells you a local couple you've never met secretly paid for your dinner as they were leaving. What words come to mind?How Fargo of You. A local entrepreneur confides that millions of dollars worth of business he contracts every year with another Fargo company are secured by nothing more than a handshake. How should you respond? How Fargo of You! When Marc de Celle and his family settled just outside of Fargo in the summer of 2005, strange things started to happen. Things they never imagined possible. Things that left them speechless until they found just the right thing to say... How Fargo of You.