Ice Station Nautilus (Used Book) - Rick Campbell

Ice Station Nautilus (Used Book) - Rick Campbell

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When the newest American fast attack submarine and one of Russia’s new ballistic missile submarines collide and sink under the Arctic ice cap, a fateful chain of events is set into motion. As life support systems aboard the submarines begin to fail, the United States and Russia rush to the aid of their crews, adapting their submarine rescue systems for the descent through the polar ice cap into the frigid waters below. But far more is at stake than the lives of the men trapped aboard their submarines.

Both sides realize that whoever reaches the sunken ships first will be able to board the other country’s submarine, harvesting the latest weapon and tactical system technology. With the United States pulling ahead, Russia employs their Arctic Spetsnaz special forces to ensure they win the race and board the American submarine. As the guided missile submarine USS Michigan and its two platoons of Navy SEAL's surge beneath the polar ice cap toward the sunken submarines and the American and Russian ice camps above, the stage is set for an explosive confrontation.