Instruction Book for Beginning Organists (Used Paperback) - David N. Johnson (1964)

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Published in 1964.

This book is designed for beginning church organists. The emphasis throughout the book is practical, although some chapters deal with basic theoretical concepts. There is an array of music & music examples included. Chapters introduction to the instrument The pedals The manuals – legato Practice habits The heel & toe Phrasing Pedal phrasing & additional aspects of pedal technique Coordination Trios Alternate toes Repeated notes The repeated notes & voice leading Three special problems in voice leading repeated notes The hymn The Free harmonizations Stops & registration Ornamentation Legato & staccato styles The organist to church service playing Playing on two manuals with one hand Improvisation for the beginner Left hand carrying three legato voices On teaching

Condition: Used book in Good condition, some tearing on cover