Jackson Square Jazz - Greg Herren

Jackson Square Jazz - Greg Herren

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Doing something, anything, everything could be Scotty Bradley's M.O. He's certainly no saint, but when you live in New Orleans, the equivalent of the gay man's candy store, monogamy is a challenge. Unfortunately, his straight-arrow, FBI agent, sort-of boyfriend Frank has ideas - deep, committed love ideas - that are turning Scotty's Hot Daddy into a decidedly less-than-sizzling puppy dog. It's enough to send a guy into full-fledged slut mode, and that's how Scotty ends up nursing a massive hangover in a hotel room with cutie pie Bryce Bell - he of the rounded backside and sheepish grin. As if that weren't enough, Bryce turns out to be the hottest young skater in the U.S. He's also hiding a secret bigger than his Joe Boxers.

Always up for a good time, Scotty has been thrilled to get a sly invitation and Bryce's hotel key card delivered via a Skate America usher. But what he found when he arrived there wasn't the gay blade himself, but someone else entirely - someone who'd been stabbed to death. Suddenly, Scotty finds himself thrust into Bryce's other life and his connection to an unsolved crime that has haunted the New Orleans police for years - the theft of a priceless artifact stolen from the celebrated Cabildo museum as it burned to the ground. He's also drawn back into the arms of Colin, the world's sexiest cat burgular, who has a lot of light to shed on the Cabildo fire (while also shedding clothes) and the trail of murder at its heart.

As refreshing as an ice-cold bottle of jax beer, as sexy as the sultry bars and smoky jazz clubs of New Orleans, Jackson Square Jazz is another wonderful, strange trip down south in the company of the most deliciously decadent P.I. ever to wear a thong - and be proud of it.