Lady Margaret's Disgrace - V.C. Sportelli

Lady Margaret's Disgrace - V.C. Sportelli

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In 1099, Lady Margaret is betrothed to the heir of a great Norman estate and will become a countess. Before she weds, her beloved mother dies.

After the funeral, Margaret is betrayed by her father, Lord Charles, who falsely proclaims she traded her honor for pleasures with a lowly Saxon. He declares Margaret his slave and seeks to make her life a misery.

Meanwhile, power struggles rack medieval England. King William II dies under suspicious circumstances. His brother Henry I wins the crown but struggles to keep his throne from the factions plotting to take it. The conquered Saxons watch the Normans fight among themselves.

In a world where women are property, Margaret believes nothing can save her from her miserable life. She is wrong. Soon the king will demand her service.

Meet the king, the queen, and the woman who can save them.