Lady Margaret's Escape (Used Book) - V.C. Sportelli

Lady Margaret's Escape (Used Book) - V.C. Sportelli

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If you enjoy reading about Medieval women who defy conventions to gain what they need, you will like meeting Lady Margaret. Margret lost her title and has been forced to become a servant. Then Henry, King of England, steps into her world. In a bold move, Margaret bargains with the king. She will help Henry's queen give birth to a healthy heir in exchange for regaining her title and getting land and coin. Should Margaret fail, Henry will have her head. Henry takes Queen Matilda and Margaret to a forest retreat. Margaret has her orders: "Keep my queen safe and healthy. Get me my heir. If you must choose between them, save my son." It is 1101 AD and Henry's older brother Robert invades England to seize the throne. Who will be the king of England? Has Margaret too closely allied herself with the losing side? How will Margret successfully birth a healthy babe to save her life? Will Margaret's wits keep her alive through the political strife?