The Coyote - Francois Leydet

The Coyote - Francois Leydet

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"The Songdog sings an ancient song. It echoed over the Western plains and deserts long before man was there to hear it. The singer and the song have survived the mastodon, the mammoth, the elephants and the camels that once roamed this continent. The coyote’s voice has not been stilled. Not even by man...In ’The Coyote,’ the reader will find many books in one. It is a biography that traces the life story of one coyote from birth to adulthood; an historical and current description of predator control; a sometimes violent adventure story; and, most of all, an examination of creature physchology."–Anaheim Bulletin

"The viewpoints of both rancher and environmentalist are presented in this intelligent, often shocking book on the emotional coyote controversy. The amazing adaptability of this small predator leads the author to question humankind’s right to interfere with nature. Unusual illustrations depict the coyote’s desert life."–American West