Like A Queen (Used Book) - Constance Hall

Like A Queen (Used Book) - Constance Hall

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What you see in others is what you see in yourself.
Yep, another old cliché, thanks Con. But this little gem is a truthful one and will be your only real tool in recognizing that you have reached Queendom.

Queens see Queens. They don’t see weight problems, they don’t see crazy bitches, they don’t see failures.

I thought there was something in the water, like women everywhere had changed, when I first started seeing divinity everywhere I went — a mum getting out of her car … radiating, the girl making my coffee … glowing.

The woman pushing a supermarket trolley with a huge FML expression … goddess.

Queens everywhere.

One day I was drinking a soy chai and watching two women chatting and enjoying a coffee while simultaneously rocking babies and wrestling toddlers. They looked so beautiful, so wise, so strong, that I nearly cried. I thought I must be pregnant but I wasn’t.

It wasn’t the women who had changed, it was me.

Then I started talking to women about other women we knew, but not the typical gossipy crap. I would talk about how beautiful they were, how strong they were and before I knew it, other women came to me to talk about women we knew in the same light, full of love, full of compassion, brainstorming ways that we could help new mums and laughing at the awesomeness of experienced ones.

Love and Compassion breeds Love and Compassion at phenomenal rates.
This is your confirmation that you are truly a Queen, you are what you see in others.

Queens only see Queens.