Lost and Found (Used Book) - Bill Harley

Lost and Found (Used Book) - Bill Harley

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Courage yields unexpected surprises when Justin visits his school's dreaded lost and found. A witty, award-winning story about childhood fears from Bill Harley and Adam Gustavson.

"With stifling tension, Harley has found the perfect emotional pitch to explore such universal childhood fears." ―Kirkus Reviews

When Justin loses the special hat his grandmother made for him, he looks everywhere for it. Everywhere, that is, except the lost and found.

Mr. Rumkowsky, the old school custodian, is the keeper of all the lost and found items, and everyone is afraid of him--including Justin. When he finally musters the courage to enter Mr. Rumkowsky's domain, he discovers a whole world of treasures. But things keep getting weirder and weirder, until way down at the bottom of Rumkowsky's giant box, Justin unearths something completely unexpected...

Bill Harley and Adam Gustavson team up to deliver a fun and relatable story about fear and expectations. An award-winning read-aloud!