The Mulberry Bush (Used Book)  - Charles McCarry

The Mulberry Bush (Used Book) - Charles McCarry

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In a rose garden in Buenos Aires, an unnamed American spy meets the beautiful daughter of a famous Argentinean revolutionary. He becomes infatuated, and so does she. But he is no ordinary spy—he is an off-the-books lone wolf who spent his first five years at Headquarters hunting terrorists in the Middle East. Unbeknownst to his lenient handlers, he is loyal to a hidden agenda: to avenge his father, who was laughed out of Headquarters years earlier. In the sultry young Argentinean, Luz, the spy thinks he has found an ally for his secret mission. Like his father, her parents also met a terrible fate at the hands of the government. But as his purposes become further entwined with hers, and that of a Russian embassy official he meets through Luz's connections, the spy finds himself caught in a perilous web of passions, affiliations, and lies that spans three continents and stretches back to the Cold War. Steeped in the knowledge of modern-day tradecraft, The Mulberry Bush is a potent and seductive novel that explores what happens when the most powerful political motivator is revenge.